Achieve Full, Lustrious Powdery Brows with Henna Brow!

Henna Brow creates rich, long lasting stain that will last up to two weeks on the skin and up to six weeks on the brow hair. Won't fade orange in color. Especially formulated for the face. Bonus - Promotes hair growth!

Henna Brow has the ability to custom color-match stains. Naturally fills brow gaps, with the excellent grey coverage. Suitable for all skin complexions.

Henna Brow is Gluten Free! 

Yep, if you're sensitive, you too can enjoy having Henna Brow treatment too! Henna Brow is also Vegan, Kosher, and Halal friendly to satisfy our clients.  

Cruelty Free?
Not only are you getting the botanical benefits of a plant based brow treatment but one that doesn't harm any living beings. 

What's your color?

With 6 primary pigments, we are able to customize shades varying in intensity and tone that can be created for you to achieve your desired result. 

Not only for blondes to brunettes! Color can also be customized for clients with icy silver hair for a more funky look.   🦄Pink haired babes, 🧚‍♀️Green and aqua haired Mavens, 🧜‍♀️Purple sirens and 🧜‍♂️Blue bosses - we got the perfect Henna Brow pigment for you! 

Benefits of Henna Brow

  • Henna Brow stains the skin and hairs
  • Last up to 1+ weeks on skin and 3+ weeks on hairs
  • A great way to try out new brow shape before committing to Cosmetic Brow Tattoo
  • Affordable
  • No down time
  • No pain
  • Option to change shape and color 
  • Perfect for special occasion and or vacation
  • Create either a very natural or dramatic look depending on your desired result.


  • This product contains ingredients which may cause irritation for certain individuals.
  • If you have previously reacted to hair dyes, black henna or any ingredients in Henna Brow products then it's advised that Henna Brow is not suitable for you.
  • You are not a candidate if you suffer from sensitive skin, dermatitis, irritated or damaged skin in the eyebrow area.
  • Henna is not recommended on those who are G6PD deficient or are pregnant or nursing a child who is G6PD deficient.
  • Must not be on Accutane for a minimum of 12 months.

I have read and I agree to all policies set by Arch & Ink Artistry.  

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Pre Henna Brow treatment


  • The cleaner the skin the better henna can be absorb into the skin. Therefore, make sure the skin is oil free. In addition, it is advisable to exfoliate the eyebrows in advanced. This removes dead skin cells, so the henna can do it’s job better and the longevity of the staining.
  • Scrub your skin the evening and morning before the treatment. 
  • Arrive at your appointment with clean makeup-free brows. Avoid applying moisturizer on brows.
  • Do not use waterproof brow or self tanning products 24 hours prior to your treatment.


  • 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Consultation
  • Preparing skin for Henna application
  • Brow Mapping
  • Color Selection
  • Henna Application | Processing